2B) Pre-start – what is it all about?

Analyses of regulatory requirements

This point is mandatory for all customers interested in cooperating with Green Life Business Development services. Especially in the market segment of renewable energies, we find a broad range of legal and regulatory requirements in place which may differ from one country in Europe to the neighboring country.


Although EU countries share a common regulation as overarching framework, national legislative differences still apply to a significant extent. Barriers for market entries from other non-EU countries are still high to very high and requirements regarding documentations, certification of origin, and preferential as was well as customer protection and producer liability need to be considered as mandatory requirements and may differ from country to country significantly. European non-EU countries apply their specific legislative requirements and only WTO standards serve as common denominator.


Green Life to prepare lists of regulatory requirements including the respective public administrations or service providers to deal with for every country under consideration. We  will also expose you to a network of specialists and agencies to prove the match with all legal and regulatory requirements.


Feasibility studies for market entry scenarios


Green Life to provide forecasts and studies of probabilities using opportunity and risk scenarios to ease the pain and to facilitate decsion-making for market entry into Europe. We will comment your decisions on your way to enter the European markets and will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the direction taken including some meaningful alternatives to help you through the way to your target.



Find the best regional or local partners for your product or service offer



Green Life is on spot! As we are close to the respective European markets, we will find the best match for your business model (refer to 2A) with regional or local suppliers, importers, manufacturers, wholesalers or retail chains, etc. to market your product or service.



Search for subsidies and grants


Economic development and promotion are highly complex issues in Europe as many public bodies and institutions provide subsidies. However, to take advantage of offered subsidies and other funds, it is difficult to stick to the very strict requirements in place which need to be followed with special care. Green Life supports the search of adequate subsidies together with specialized partners of our network.