1B) In advance – what is it all about?

Studies of industrial sectors and competitive environment

Individual and company-specific assessment on market structures and relevant channels, market opportunities and risks (e.g. saturation) as well as analysis of relevant market data according to bespoke requirements of customers. Green Life to prepare plausibility and clarity with guided charts to minimize risks of market entry (refer to 2A) as well as to prepare roadmaps for ithe ramp-up phase (refer to 3B).

SWOT analyses

Green Life has lots of experience in drawing comprehensive pictures of market-relevant and company-specific guide charts of strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats, thus increasing plausibility and decision-making. Results lead into feasibility studies and roadmaps as well as to setting priority decisions for market entry (see 2B, 2C, and 3A in the matrix of services)